Voicelugger (1999) Episode 1-12 END RAW [BATCH]

Voicelugger (1999) Episode 1-12 END RAW [BATCH] 1
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Synopsis :

The evil Emperor Genbah of the Muon Empire of the planet Tsedua seeks to use the Voistones of four children to control Demon Beast Hades, but his plans are foiled by Voicelugger Gold who takes the children to Earth. Years later, the now grown up children use the power of the Voistones to fight the Muon Empire and protect the Earth.

Information :
Title: Voicelugger Japanese Title: ボイスラッガー Boisuraggā Type: TV Format File: AVI Status: Complete Year: 1999 Episode: 12 Episode Audio Language: Japanese Subtitle: RAW / No Subtitle Aired: January 12 – March 30, 1999 Studios: Shotaro Ishinomori Duration: 25 mins Score: 5.0

File List

[DRZ RAW]Voicelugger 01_I am a Hero.avi
[DRZ RAW]Voicelugger 02_Rose-Colored Eyes Awaken.avi
[DRZ RAW]Voicelugger 03_The Fate of One.avi
[DRZ RAW]Voicelugger 04_Android Pi's Lullaby.avi
[DRZ RAW]Voicelugger 05_Charming Yet Malicious Her Name is Eyelash Line.avi
[DRZ RAW]Voicelugger 06_Lovely Zaglaus.avi
[DRZ RAW]Voicelugger 07_SDangerous Superhero! Roar Great Search Line.avi
[DRZ RAW]Voicelugger 08_Change of Heart.avi
[DRZ RAW]Voicelugger 09_Diaspora.avi
[DRZ RAW]Voicelugger 10_Shouting and Whispering.avi
[DRZ RAW]Voicelugger 11_The Redemption Song is Not Singing.avi
[DRZ RAW]Voicelugger 12_Smiling Face in Rain, Clear Weather in a Smiling Face.avi
[DRZ]VOICELUGGER RAW ep 01-06 [TokuZilla].rar
[DRZ]VOICELUGGER RAW ep 07-12 [TokuZilla].rar

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