Garo (2005) Episode 1-25 END EngSub [BATCH]

Garo (2005) Episode 1-25 END EngSub [BATCH] 1
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Synopsis :

Garo focuses on Kouga Saezima, the current possessor of the title, Golden Knight Garo, who protects humanity against dark demonic infestations called Horrors. One day he meets a young girl named Kaoru whom he saves from a horror, but gets stained with horror’s blood. The makai knights have the rule that those that have been stained by the blood of a horror shall be executed before experiencing a painful death after approximately 100 days.

Information :
Title: Garo Japanese Title: 牙狼 -GARO- (ガロ), "Fanged Wolf" Golden Knight Garo Type: TV Format File: MKV Status: Complete Year: 2005 Episode: 25 Episode Audio Language: Japanese Subtitle: English Subbed by GomenRider Aired: October 7, 2005 – March 31, 2006 Studios: Deep Side Omnibus Japan Project Garo Tohokushinsha Creates Duration: 25 mins Score: 7.6

File List

[1] Chapter of the Black Wolf
[GomenRider]_Garo_-_01_[A548B23D] .mkv
[GomenRider]_Garo_-_02_[C7FA8982] .mkv
[GomenRider]_Garo_-_03_[BA9698FA] .mkv
[GomenRider]_Garo_-_04_[2163804B] .mkv
[GomenRider]_Garo_-_05_[CDD31D63] .mkv
[GomenRider]_Garo_-_06_[18526CFE] .mkv
[GomenRider]_Garo_-_07_[701AD902] .mkv
[GomenRider]_Garo_-_08_[C625A677] .mkv
[GomenRider]_Garo_-_09_[11370117] .mkv
[GomenRider]_Garo_-_10_[4C31513D] .mkv
[GomenRider]_Garo_-_11_[6D5FD50C] .mkv
[GomenRider]_Garo_-_12_[0BE8A71C] .mkv
[GomenRider]_Garo_-_13_[EE600FE3] .mkv
[GomenRider]_Garo_-_14_[3F7D6BC4] .mkv
[GomenRider]_Garo_-_15_[9D1197C2] .mkv
[GomenRider]_Garo_-_16_[FB3B3FDC] .mkv
[GomenRider]_Garo_-_17_[68618F72] .mkv
[GomenRider]_Garo_-_18_[DB6D5A75] .mkv
[GomenRider]_Garo_-_19_[64A52438] .mkv
[GomenRider]_Garo_-_20_[F7AF9573] .mkv
[GomenRider]_Garo_-_21_[23BA8740] .mkv
[GomenRider]_Garo_-_22_[C4CD86CB] .mkv
[GomenRider]_Garo_-_23_[C19EC6CB] .mkv
[GomenRider]_Garo_-_24_[F87E580E] .mkv
[GomenRider]_Garo_-_25_[9F2F0E4B] .mkv

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Garo 2005 English Subbed by GomenRider

[1] Chapter of the Black Wolf ep 01-10 [TokuZilla].rar
[1] Chapter of the Black Wolf ep 11-20 [TokuZilla].rar
[1] Chapter of the Black Wolf ep 21-25 [TokuZilla].rar

Garo 2005 English Subbed by GomenRider


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